French Bulldog Puppies for Sale.

Visiting Policies and Directions

Visits are by appointment only. We schedule appointments 3 days a week from 10 am to 3 pm.

Appointments are time sensitive for many reasons. This is what you can expect:

Kennel and Nursery = 20 mins.

House and questions = 20 mins.

Playtime with the puppy(s) = 20 mins.

Purchase / Orientation paperwork = 20 – 45 mins.

DISEASE CONCERNS: Please do not visit other breeders ( the same day) before coming to our home. You will be required to have your feet sanitized immediately upon arrival and wash your hands before entering our Nursery area.

YOUR PETS: You may bring other pets, but watch the weather (summer heat) and leave them home if it is too warm. BUT, they are not allowed to leave your vehicle. We have a very nice potty area for your pets at the end of our drive.

CHILDREN: You may bring children ONLY if they are well behaved, rested and under direct supervision of another adult. No screaming, running or fit throwing allowed at our home. ** We believe it is a Parents sole decision in choosing a new puppy when the child(ren) is/are under the age of 10.

ACCEPTED FORMS OF PAYMENT: If you are Visiting to Place a deposit on a puppy of your choice OR Purchasing a puppy – We Accept:

Visiting Policies

We do not accept personal or business checks. A puppy will not leave until it is paid for in full.(Visiting Policies)

ORIENTATIONS: If you are visiting and planning on taking a puppy home, we require you to complete the orientation reading * PRIOR * to your appointment time. It is crucial that we feel comfortable with your level of preparedness before we send you home with your new puppy. You can find all the orientation information on our website under the required reading page for the breed you have chosen.

PICTURES AND VIDEO: You are welcome to take pictures and video of our dogs and puppies during your visit.

PUPPY PURCHASE: No Puppy May Leave until it is a FULL 10 weeks of age. You will have the opportunity to see all the puppies we currently have, ( even the ones as young as 1 day old). We will accept a deposit on a puppy younger than 10 weeks of age.

THE GOLDEN RULE: Please keep in mind that although our farm is a place of business, it is primarily our home. We ask visitors to respect our home as they would have theirs respected.

We are so excited and happy you have invested the time to visit us, we hope you are pleased with our puppies and decide to make one of our babies yours!