French Bulldog Puppies for Sale.

About Us

We are a small Professional family run kennel, Breeding French Bulldog with passion.


One visit to our place and you will be impressed! We are not “backyard Breeders”, “Hobby Breeders” or god forbid a “Puppy Mill”. We pride ourselves on producing Puppies with happy, loving natures and devote our life to making physically as well as genetically healthy pups and breeding adults!

100% of our Main Kennel and Nursery is shown when you visit. Cleanliness is top priority when raising healthy puppies. Our Canine Homes are cleaned and disinfected every day.

Our Spacious Main Kennel features:

Central Heat and Air – controlled by thermostat, walls and drop ceiling heavily insulated.Bright lighting in every area.

Generous roomy indoor apartments, sealed concrete floors, all accessible indoor areas painted with multiple coats of heavy duty outdoor scrub-able paint. Insulating floor mats and clean blankets for sleeping comfort. Soft Rock Radio station playing 24/7 ( sometimes they get to listen to a Duck’s game!).

Heavy duty toys and chew items, 24/7 access to oversize yards, a 6 ft porch over every outdoor area, guttered with runoff directed away from the main kennel – no standing water in yards. Yards are footed with Pea gravel, which is raked a refreshed regularly. Yards are cleaned every 48 hours.

Our state of the art Puppy Nursery features:

Full bathing and grooming area, Laundry room, Several Direct cabled cameras that feed to monitors into our home office, ( to watch Mommies to be, New Mommies and Puppies ) Soft Rock Radio station playing 24/7 ( sometimes they get to listen to a Duck’s game!).

Insulated vinyl floors, White and Grey sealed and double painted walls, Doggie doors to *private* outside sunning/ play areas/ pea gravel potty area, (For EACH Mommy and Puppies or group of puppies) Yards are footed with Pea gravel, which is raked a refreshed regularly. Yards are cleaned every 48 hours.

Beds to sleep in; Heating Pads under the Newborns bed area, Toys for tactile stimulation; natural light; Seasonal Air conditioning & Heating; Fans for circulation; Separated area for pottying inside in inclement weather; puppies are weaned and started on litterbox training by the time they are seven weeks old…

A little about our breeding practices:

We do not breed until the 2nd or 3rd heat cycle. Our moms to produce 3-4 litters in their breeding career, they are automatically retired at age 5, earlier if they have any challenges with breeding or motherhood. When the are retired they are spayed and adopted into excellent pet homes. We do not ever offer any adults for adoption that have not already been spayed/neutered.

Moms and Dads are always kept up to date on all healthcare needs, including Dental cleanings after EVERY litter!

We have full time help that is here 7 days a week, we pay them well and the dogs love them. Our staff is also available with a phone call if we have any unscheduled needs.

Our dogs and puppies are our life, literally. We do not take vacations, go to movies, go out to dinner, attend family functions. about every 1-2 years we do try to get away for a couple of days, but it is very difficult and very expensive, we must schedule around litters and puppy needs and pay for a trusted sitter to stay full time here while we are gone. Even then it is a “working” vacation, Still answering emails and taking phone calls.



1. Never inbreed ( or ” Line Breed “) our dogs .

2. Never to sell to pet stores or brokers, always to establish and maintain excellent relationships with new puppy owners for the life of the dog.

3. Do what is best for the health, well being and quality of life of our breeding dogs and puppies. Placing a priority on providing a Safe, Loving, Healthy, Clean and Sanitary living environment.

4. To be forthright, honest and sincere when answering questions about who we are and the qualities of our puppies.

5. Never to enter into legal agreements with anyone for any reason if they are not legally able to do so.

6. To always remember and emphasize that everything we do is for the benefit of our dogs and puppies, to fully respect, honor and acknowledge the serious responsibility it is to have them in our care and produce the highest quality pets possible.

7. Never euthanize our retired moms and dads, with 100% successful placement at retirement into private pet homes not to be used for further breeding.

8. NEVER knowingly place a puppy in a home environment if we have doubts about it’s safety and future care.


What we are looking for when considering a new home/family for one of our puppies:

1. Maturity – You must be over 18 or a legal representative for the intended owner to purchase a puppy AND be of reasonable intelligence.

2. You must be able to demonstrate that you are secure financially, mentally and emotionally to purchase a pup and provide for the lifetime needs ( 15 to 20 years) and to maintain an excellent quality of life for the dog.

3. You must be able to commit to ALWAYS providing a safe and nurturing environment for the dog regardless of whether it be in a social setting,at home or while traveling.

4. You must be dedicated to following ALL instructions from us as to the care your new puppy will need as he/she joins your family. ***THIS INCLUDES TAKING THE TIME TO READ ALL THE “REQUIRED READING” BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR NEW PUPPY HOME!.***

5. We must feel that you are being honest about your reasons for wanting a particular puppy and the lifestyle you intend to provide for him/her.

6. We advocate spay and neuter operations and hope you do too, as a way to provide a healthier, happier life for your pet and help curb needless pet overpopulation problems.