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Healthy Homemade Food

Healthy Homemade Food For Your French Bulldog

Healthy Homemade Food For Your French Bulldog

 WTFrenchie  December 17, 2019 10 Comments

Healthy Homemade Food

Interesting in making Healthy Homemade Food for your pup?

French bulldogs, especially, can have sensitive stomachs.

We all know this. My Frenchies Weston and Fira will be fine with their food for weeks and then out of nowhere, they might have an off-day of skipping a meal or throwing up some spittle.

The best thing we ever did for them was switching to a cooked food diet (Weston started when he was about 2 and Fira has ONLY eaten cooked foods since she was a baby). Traditional kibble is mostly filled with filler (corn, grain, who knows what else) to get that small, compact, round shape. They’re also hard to digest, tough on the teeth and don’t contain enough nutrients for a healthy dog.

With cooked foods, not only do the pups gobble it up and lick their bowls clean, they hardly ever fart now (and they’re FRENCHIES! A miracle, is it not?), their coat is soft and bright and no skin itchies.

I cook big batches of food for them and keep them in ziplog baggies in the freezer so they’re ready to go whenever I need them. It’s super easy to make and honestly, I get a lot of joy making it because I love cooking and most importantly, it’s for the dogs’ health + wellness.

Here are one recipes to try (and more coming soon!):

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