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Healthy Homemade Food


Any frenchie owners out there?

As a french bulldog owner, we know this breed can be finicky with HEALTHY HOMEMADE DOG FOOD and can be prone to food allergies.

So, when Weston was a puppy, I started cooking him food myself because of his super sensitive stomach (aka: vomit central) and he LOVED it. He got leaner, farted less and hardly ever vomited. He also looked forward to his meals and licked his bowl clean—woohoo! Fira’s the lucky one and has been eating cooked foods since we brought her home, so she has no idea what kibble is and am sure would stick her nose up to it. Weston has become quite the food snob and will only eat cooked foods—I even tried to get them on a raw diet and they refused the raw! Picky pups.

As he got older (he’s seven now), new companies started coming out with cooked, human-grade foods so it’s nice to have options when I get lazy. We love Pure Dog FoodPetPlate, Farmer’s Dog, Just Food For Dogs which are all nutritionally balanced.

A couple of years ago, we got Weston and Fira an allergy test–I haven’t even gotten one myself even though I’ve wanted to for years but yep, they got one first. #whocanrelate? Weston didn’t really show too many symptoms (only licked his paws occasionally) but knowing how many Frenchies have allergies, it seemed like a logical idea…

WELLLL, Fira is only allergic to pork but Weston is allergic to chicken, turkey, pork, dairy, white fish, sweet potatoes and a few other things. We were feeding him almost all of those ingredients on the daily, EEK.

That reeeally limits our choices and he gets bored eating the same thing over and over, so I decided to mix up his feeding regime and do homemade dog food again to alternate. I reallyyy love cooking so this was actually fun for me. But it’s easy too, promise! Just put aside a couple hours to make a HUGE batch and fill up your freezer so you don’t have to cook again for awhile.




3 lbs ground turkey (or any protein)
1 cup uncooked millet (or any other whole grain: quinoa, rice, pasta)
1 tbs olive oil
1 carrot, shredded
1 zucchini, shredded
1 squash, shredded
1 apple, chopped
1 tbs calcium powder
1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes or coconut oil
1/2 cup pumpkin puree (canned or homemade)

Optional: I also added in a few heaping tablespoons of Digest All probiotic supplement. The same brand makes a supplement called Canine Complete which also has great reviews and I see it being recommended a lot.

1. Bring 1 cup of whole grain to boil in a pot of water. I overcook it so that it’s soft and easily digestible. Drain.

2. While that’s boiling, shred/chop the veggies.

3. Cook ground turkey with olive oil and drain excess juices.

4. Mix everything together! No need to cook the veggies. The cooked turkey and whole grain will warm them up a bit.

Olive oil:  adds healthy fats
Coconut flakes: healthy fats, aids in digestion, great for skin/coat
Calcium: bone growth and health
Pumpkin: high source of digestible fiber

Store in tupperware or ziplock bags and freeze! Makes enough for around 2 weeks of meals (Fira weighs 14 lbs).

Disclaimer: use your own judgement and of course, speak to your veterinarian if you have questions/concerns.

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