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French Bulldog’s Ear Clean Up

French Bulldog Ear Clean up

Of course, you all know by now, Frenchies are known for their bat ears. Yes, (Bulldog Ear Clean) they’re cute, tall, and pointy but they also collect a lot of dirt and air particles, which leads us to the main reason you should always clean their ears. It’s simple and takes about two minutes to do. Before cleaning make sure you smell their ears and if there’s an odor or a weird discharge then there may be an infection in their ears. So go see your local vet and make sure before inserting anything into their ears. If they are in the clear, you’re ready to go.

Bulldog Ear Clean

Directions for Bulldog Ear Clean

1)  Pick an ear cleaner that you feel is best. (Look below for some of our picks)

2) Gently tilt your dogs head to the side and either squirt or gently wipe the inside of your dogs ear.

* If you used the wipes clean as much as you can without pressing into the eardrum.

* If you used a liquid form of ear cleaner massage the base of your dog’s ear to get the cleaner in the ear effectively throughout. Then with a cotton ball or tissue, wipe around the ear. Don’t stick inside the eardrum directly and don’t use a cotton swab. Let your dog shake to get the rest out. Repeat if it still looks dirty.

3) Repeat to the other bat ear.


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